The Chief Operating Officer develops and oversees Lesedi’s training needs:

1.      Induction training.

2.      Annual refresher training.

3.      Retraining, to correct persistent failure by operators to adhere to standards, as observed by supervisors and foreman who conduct planned-task observations.

4.      Training to convert drillers from one technology to another.

5.      Methane-detection training, which is performed by the mine, which then certificates drillers.

6.      Specialist training, such as supervisory and junior management training, which is outsourced.

 Diamond drilling training is mainly experiential. The drilling industry employs 2 500 underground drillers, who regularly change employment depending on available contracts. In the gold-mining industry especially, there is a surplus of experienced drillers, from whose ranks Lesedi recruits assistant operators for new contracts.

Teaching exploration drilling