Welcome to the SIYAKHULISA +1 initiative 

What is it?

The SIYAKHULISA +1 Initiative aims to take the organisation to a new level of performance in terms of meters drilled, safety, customer centricity, governance, employee wellness and employee growth and development.

What does it Mean?

SIYAKHULISA +1 – which loosely translated means we are growing as a team. The +1 symbolises the sentiment that it is no longer OK to do only the minimum or the basics, but to strive to do everything better and better every day. Training and incentives have been implemented for all staff, supervisors, foremen and managers to approach work and output with a +1 mindset and this will become an intrinsic part of the Lesedi Culture.

A bit about +1.

The ‘+1’ concept should not just be applied to the workplace, but to life in general. Everyday, ask your children to get ‘+1’ more percent at school and, at home, spend an extra ‘+1’ minute as a family at the dinner table. At work, over and above striving for that extra meter, learn something new and teach someone something new, every day.

Strive to become a ‘+1’ person!

What are the objectives?

The SIYAKHULISA +1 initiative is aimed at raising the standard of excellence on many levels within the company some of which include:

  • All staff owning a significant share of Lesedi through a Employee Share Ownership Programme
  • Lesedi attaining a BEE Rating – the first drilling company to do so
  • A massive incentive scheme with exciting prizes and monetary rewards
  • Performance Management, Skills Development, Succession Planning and Talent Management becoming a rigorous and entrenched practice
  • Improved safety practices and records
  • The implementation of a Wellness programme
  • A revitalised focus on the Customer and what our Customers are trying to achieve


Getting started.

The project was launched at Orkney (Gt. Noligwa, Moab and Koponang shafts) at the end of February, with great success and enthusiasm. Lesedi commandeered the expertise of da Vinci and Goalgetters to roll-out this exciting process.

How is it going to work?

The SIYAKHULISA +1 initiative is centered around 6 main points.

  1. My Company – what Lesedi stands for and where it is going
  2. My Ownership – each employee at Lesedi will participate in a share ownership trust scheme
  3. My Customer – understanding exactly what Lesedi customers need and how Lesedi can help its customers to grow
  4. My Incentives – excellent performance will be rewarded at Lesedi
  5. My Performance – teams do not win matches by chance; every person has to be responsible for productivity, safety, attendance at work, innovative ideas and overall efficiencies.
  6. My Development – Lesedi wants all its employees to grow. To this end, during the information sessions, Lesedi employees were asked to nominate candidates for their Employment Equity and Skills Development Committee. The committee will meet to discuss training and development needs at Lesedi, as well as talent management.