Environment Policy

 In the pursuance of the highest standards of environmental care and protection Lesedi Drilling and Mining contractors is committed to:

Managing all issues of environment policy as integral parts of company business and planning.

  1. Developing appropriate environment policies and programmes, and monitor their consistent implementation by accountable and adequately resourced personnel.
  2. Complying with environment legislation requirements and follow global trends and standards of best practice.
  3. Requiring all our operations to be compliant with the  environmental management standard of our clients.
  4. Fostering awareness of shared responsibility and accountability for the environment among employees through a communication programme which embraces interaction and co-operation with all stakeholders.
  5. Co-operating with regulatory agencies, our principals and employee representatives to promote constructive interaction in environmental issues of mutual concern.
  6. conserving the use of energy and water, and other natural resources through employing, wherever practical, the principles of reduction, recovery, re-use and recycling.
  7. Managing wastes, emissions, dust and the use of potentially harmful substances so as to prevent pollution.
  8. Preparing and updating plans for managing environment risk and potential emergencies.
  9. Conducting regular environmental audits to evaluate compliance and effectiveness of the environment policy of the company.
  10. Lesedi Drilling recognises that the long-term sustainability of its business is dependent upon good stewardship in the protection of the environment and Lesedi Drilling will:

·         at least comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements;

·         conduct its activities so that consideration is given to economic, social and environmental values;

·         establish and maintain management systems to identify, monitor and control environmental aspects of its activities;

·         ensure that its employees are aware of this policy and their relevant responsibilities;

·         conduct environmental audits to evaluate the effectiveness of its management systems;

·         communicate and consult with interested and affected parties on environmental aspects of its activities;

·         work to continually improve its environmental performance.