Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement 

The Company, Lesedi Drilling and Mining Contracting Company and Partners Drilling, is a drilling organisation involved in exploration, prospect and underground percussion drilling operating in Southern Africa. We constantly strive to generate competitive returns for our shareholders, by continually improving the performance of our key resources – our people, our assets and our services.

 Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us. We are, therefore, committed to providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all our employees, through the implementation of a comprehensive OH&S Management Framework and Programme. In addition, continuous efforts are made to identify and control environmental aspects and impacts, as well as health hazards and diseases.

 The Company will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations, as well as client requirements. We are dedicated to pro-actively managing our risks through a structured Risk Assessment process in order to anticipate, minimise and control Occupational Health and Safety hazards, thereby promoting a culture of “Zero Mindset” (all accidents are preventable) and eliminating repeat accidents. Our objective is to actively reduce the key risks associated with the following:

  •   Equipment Transport
  •   Equipment Rigging
  •   Drilling Operations/ Rotating Machinery
  •   Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
  •   Rod Handling
  •   Hazardous Chemical Substances Handling & Disposal
  •   Emergency Preparedness and Response in terms of:

     Flammable Gas Intersection

     Flammable Gas Explosions


     Water Intersection/Flood

Furthermore, we will monitor the implementation and effectiveness of our OH&S Management system through periodic audits and reviews; in an effort to continually improve our performance in this regard.

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