Information Technology Developments at Lesedi Drilling.

Lesedi has always aspired to be innovation leaders in the field of exploration drilling. Over the last few years we have successfully developed 2 new drill machines, an adjustable platform and have put together a comprehensive Information Management System (IMS).

The Lesedi IMS Snapshot Report

Below you will see a screenshot of our daily supervisors report. This report is also available to the client and can be set to display data for any date period. Features of this report are listed later on.

IMS measurement capabilities include:

  • All drilling performance.
  • Attendance
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Safety (PTO’s and Remedial action tracking)
  • Training
  • Disciplinary action
  • HR information 


IMS reporting capabilities include:


  • Metres drilled, concrete redrill, rock redrill, casing pipes and wedge bolts
  • Driller Performance
  • Machine Performance
  • Hole Reports
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Standing time
  • Day work rate



  • Lesedi hole delays (lhd)
  • Lesedi people delays (lpd)
  • Lesedi equipment delays (led)
  • Lesedi machine delays (lmd)
  • Mining hole delays (lhd)
  • Mining system delays (msd)
  • Rigging (rig)
  • Setups
  • Transport and travel (tp)



  • Planned task observations
  • Remedial action tracking


Human Resources:

  • Attendance
  • Bio data
  • Training
  • Disciplinary actions



  • Stock control
  • Ordering and deliveries
  • Coast per metre


Implementation of the system

As with the roll-out of any information management system there are huge amounts of training and improvements to the way business is carried out. Lesedi Drilling has embraced these changes and sees this as an opportunity to lift up its employees and enjoy some rapid internal growth.

We are already seeing our drilling supervisors on their own computers being responsible for their own information and data capture. Regular communications on Skype and via email are taking our abilities to new heights every day.

IMS Achievements

  • Over 100 000 performance entries
  • Over 1 000 training entries
  • Over 28 000 attendance entries
  • Over 4 000 PTO entries
  • Remedial Action Tracking is up and running. Data to follow.

As we continue to implement the system these numbers will increase dramatically.