safety.jpgSafety and Training remains a vital issue for all contracting and mining companies. We at Lesedi Drilling do not believe that safety comes from a great manual or glossy pages showing pictures and graphs associated with safety. Safety has to be a culture in which people instinctively act in a safe way. That can only happen if the top and middle management of the company live, breathe and champion safe working practices all the time and the people operating machinery are properly trained. Lesedi Drilling's proud health and safety record is clearly reflected in our Annual Health and Safety Reviews. 

Health and Safety Steering Committee 

Safety at Lesedi Drilling is driven by the CEO, through the COO and the Lesedi Drilling Health and Safety Steering Committee. Apart form the CEO, COO and the manager of drilling, the committee consists of the foreman of each shaft and the elected health and safety representatives at the shafts. This committee reviews all aspects of the company’s health and safety policies and procedures as well as the company’s adherence to and compliance with national legislation.


Safety Reports

  • Health and Safety Report 2014
  • Health and Safety Report 2015
  • Health and Safety Report 2016
  • Health and Safety Report 2017
  • Health and Safety Report 2018
  • Health and Safety Report 2019
  • Health and Safety Report 2020