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Who are we?

Lesedi Drilling and Mining Contracting Company provides diamond-drilling services to South African mining houses. We extract underground core samples that mine geologists use to determine reef location and ore quality. The mines base their development planning on these samples, which in turn, determines the mine’s economic viability . 

Lesedi Drilling and Mining Contracting Company offers competitive and professional drilling services and is recognised as the supplier of choice to the South African mining industry.

Currently Drilling 15 000 meters per month

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Lesedi provides experienced people, effective machinery and proven systems to safely and economically retrieve samples for all mining exploration and core drilling projects. This is not an empty promise, as Lesedi Drilling gets paid per meter of core delivered to surface and its safety record speaks for itself.

We ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations, as well as our client requirements. We are dedicated to pro-actively managing our risks through a structured Risk Assessment process in order to anticipate, minimise and control Occupational Health and Safety Hazards, thereby promoting a culture of “Zero Mindset” (all accidents are preventable) and eliminating repeat accidents. For us safety is not negotiable and it is this attention to safety and high level of productivity that sets us apart from our competitors. 

Diamond Core Drilling for Mining Exploration

Lesedi uses a drilling method known as continuous coring for mining exploration. In this method the core produced by the cutting action of the bit goes straight into the rod string. Water is pumped down to the bit on the outside of the rod string and returns to the drill via the inside of the rods. The water pressure from the return water is enough to push the core to the top of the rod string where it is retrieved by the driller. Continuous coring results in much higher levels of productivity as there is no down-time when core is retrieved from the core barrel. It is important to note that continuous coring works very well in relatively homogeneous rock formations such as those found in the South African gold and platinum. It is not successful as a technique in badly fractured and faulted ground.


Embracing the Times with Our Dynamic Business Model

At Lesedi we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our production and service. We strive for excellence in every aspect of the company, and that means being prepared to evolve with the times. Our ability to adapt has made it possible for Lesedi Drilling to position itself in line with the changes of the South African economy and

 has boosted us ahead of our competition. This includes  requirements in terms of black economic empowerment, ownership and safety  record. In addition our core business is managed internally and non-core business is contracted out, resulting in reduced fixed overhead costs.

Since our establishment in 2002, Lesedi Drilling has experienced rapid growth, mainly because leading mining houses, AngloGold Ashanti , Anglo Platinum, Harmony Gold and African Rainbow Minerals, believed that Lesedi had the ideas, vision and drive to cut the cost of mining exploration drilling, without compromising on safety and service delivery.


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